Bootcd problème "kernel panic"

salut ,

je suis nouveau et j’orais besion de votre aide.
je vous explique :arrow_right:

je voudrais fair un live cd de ma debian lenny avec bootcd , j’ai donc modifier le bootcdwrite.conf comme ceci :



look for man bootcdwrite.conf(5) for more informations

this path was added as prefix to KERNEL, INITRD, DISABLE_CRON, NOT_TO_CD

and NOT_TO_RAM, if this are relativ paths (without starting “/”)


Define the kernel which is used


additional options for the kernel


path to initrd


define multiple kernels with KERNEL and label KLABEL

default label is "linux





Text to Display at Boottime (see syslinux doku)

This option is not supported for hppa

display info files on boot prompt (F1 = DISPLAY, F2 = DISPLAY2 …)

(kernelinfo is replaced with a file which includes the kernelinfo)


size of each ramdisk ram1 and ram2 (ram1: /dev /etc /home /root /tmp,

(ram2: /var)


typ is CD or DVD


specify one or more CD devices to boot from, first is default

“auto” try to find the bootcd on all SCSI and IDE CDROMS

CDDEV=“auto /dev/sda1 /dev/hda /dev/hdb /dev/hdc /dev/hdd /dev/scd0 /dev/scd1”

do some checks or not


exclude some files or directories from writing to cd

NOT_TO_CD="/home/soogri/Téléchargements/ /home/soogri/ISO/"

exclude some files or directories from loading to ram

Because most people’s home and root dir are to large to include

in RAM, subdirectories can be excluded:

NOT_TO_RAM="$(find $SRCDISK/home $SRCDISK/root -maxdepth 1 -mindepth 1 -type d)"

If you are using ssh it is helpful to have a unique ssh hostkey for

each CD.


If you are using udev filesystem and install the image only on other

machines you need to set this to “yes” because the network interfaces are

hardwired in /etc/udev/rules.d/z25_persistent-net.rules and we must remove

them. You can do this also on bootcd2disk.




where the image resists after build



When you boot from cd you read changes from this device.



If you want to boot from FLOPPY specify BOOTFLOPPY=yes. This reduces

space on floppy used by bootcdflopcp. For this to work FLOPPY_CREATE_DEV

has to be specified.

For hppa this option is not supported and must be set to no.




If you want to boot several machines from the same cdrom, you must have

the individual configuartion (exp: /etc/network/interfaces) on floppy.

If one can not be mounted it is a good idea to stop booting and to wait

for manual interaction instead of comming up with a wrong configuration.


delete some chached files in /var


If FASTBOOT=yes then additional images for the ramdisk will be created

by bootcdwrite and copied to CD. This allows faster booting,

but needs extra space on CD


use isolinux (yes,no,auto), auto check for isolinux and use it


use -s (save, slow, stupid) option on syslinux


choose the architecture



use devfs or not


addiditionel entries to fstab

TO_FSTAB="/dev/hdc1 /home ext3 defaults 1 1

/dev/usb0 /mnt/usb ext3 defaults 1 1 "


transparent compression of ISO 9660/Rock Ridge filessytem

(“auto” checks for space to compress the image on the local system)



Files or Directory-Trees that should never be compressed on CD can be listed

here. You have to define the Path as it is on the CD, (with /

instead of /var)


Files listed in DISABLE_CRON will be on the cdrom with a .no_run_on_bootcd

suffix so run-parts won’t execute them. The original file will be a link to


DISABLE_CRON=“etc/cron.daily/find etc/cron.daily/standard etc/cron.daily/security”

With this variable you can add or delete some options

given to mkisofs by bootcdwrite.

Please create debian-bugreports if you have to use special

options, not mentioned here. Then I can list this options here.


function extra_changes()

It is possible to define a function called extra_changes to have some

files modified on the ISO image. Here is an example:

function extra_changes() {

echo “noname” >$VAR/changes/

mkdir -p $VAR/changes/

( echo “auto lo”

echo “iface lo inet loopback”

echo “”

echo “auto eth0”

echo “iface eth0 inet static”

echo " address"

echo " netmask"

) >$VAR/changes/

echo “ localhost noname” >$VAR/changes/

cat $SRCDISK/etc/passwd |

grep -v -e “^bs:” -e “^bianca:” -e “^tim:” >$VAR/changes/

cat $SRCDISK/etc/shadow |

grep -v -e “^bs:” -e “^bianca:” -e “^tim:” >$VAR/changes/

cat $SRCDISK/etc/group |

grep -v -e “^bs:” -e “^bianca:” -e “^tim:” >$VAR/changes/



If booted from initrd bootcd has to load the necessary modules.

If only modules provided by initramfs-tools are needed you can

specify “standard” here. If bootcd should try extra hard to load

neccessary modules you can specify “bootcd” here.

Bootcd will use discover for this purpose. So discover has to be installed.

If you specify auto, bootcd will check if discover is installed.

If it is installed # BOOTCDMODPROBE=bootcd will be set, if not

BOOTCDMODPROBE=standard will be set.

Be aware that people have reported, that sometimes BOOTCDMODPROBE=bootcd

may not work but sometimes it is needed.


l’iso se créer rapidement et sans erreur ( cdimage.iso = 6Go~), je tente donc de le virtualisé ( avec virtualbox ) ,aux boot il me demande je ne sait trop quoi du genre “boot :”

je tape sda1, j’aperçois “Probing EDD (edd=off to disable)… ok” lors du defilement du texte ( je ne sait pas si c’est normal ) puis j’ai un beau :

[quote]mounting root file system … /init: line 172: syntax error: 0xauto
kernel panic not syncing vfs unable to mount root fs on unknown-block 0 0[/quote]

Pourquoi j’ai cette erreur ? J’ai oublié de mettre quelque chose dans mon bootcdwrite.conf ?

merci d’avance pour votre aide :cry:

up please :confused: