Coupe et regroupe

bonsoir tout le monde
avec quel programme on coupe et regroupe des gros fichiers sous linux

sous windows je connais winrar , HJSPLIT et d’autres

mais sous linux?

tu as rar sous linux aussi

rar - archive files with compression


-tl Set archive time to latest file. Forces rar to set the date of a changed archive to the date of
the newest file in the archive.

   -u     Update files.

          Create volumes with size=<size>*1000 [*1024, *1].

   -vd    Erase  disk  contents  before creating volume.All files and directories on the target disk will be
          erased when '-vd' is used.  The switch applies only to removable media, the hard  disk  cannot  be
          erased using this switch.