Créer un serveur Proxy


Connaissez vous un logiciel avec lequel il me serais possible de faire un serveur proxy ( genre ).

Merci pour votre réponse :slightly_smiling:

Sans hésiter, the “Squid” :laughing:

La référence en la matière…
Et quand tu auras vu la quantité d’utilitaires d’admin/configuration de la bête, tu n’en sera que plus convaincu.
De plus si jamais tu connais Apache ou encore ProFtpd, ca se configure de la même manière.

burp:~# apt-cache search squid
chastity-list - blacklists for SquidGuard
libsnmp-session-perl - Perl support for accessing SNMP-aware devices
modlogan - A modular logfile analyzer
polipo - caching web proxy
sqcwa - Workaround for Squid not caching some pages
squid-prefetch - Simple page-prefetch for Squid web proxy
squidtaild - Squid log monitoring program
tinyproxy - A lightweight, non-caching, optionally anonymizing http proxy
adzapper - proxy advertisement zapper add-on
calamaris - log analyzer for Squid or Oops proxy log files
ccze - A robust, modular log coloriser
dansguardian - Web content filtering
frox - Transparent caching ftp proxy
jesred - A redirector for the Squid proxy
kernel-patch-wrr - Extension to traffic Control/network bandwidth management
netselect - Choose the fastest server automatically
sarg - squid analysis report generator
squid - Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache)
squid-cgi - Squid cache manager CGI program
squid-common - Internet Object Cache (WWW proxy cache) - common file
squidclient - Command line URL extractor that talks to (a) squid
squidguard - filter, redirector and access controller plug for Squid
squidview - monitors and analyses squid access.log files
srg - Fast, Flexible and Detailed log analysis for the Squid Proxy
webmin-sarg - sarg control module for webmin
webmin-squid - squid control module for webmin

slt all,

oui squid avec quelque regle iptables pour que ce soit transparent…du genre … x7314.html

Il y a “tor” aussi pour etre anonyme sur le net

ash@seal:~$ apt-cache show tor Package: tor Priority: optional Section: comm Installed-Size: 904 Maintainer: Peter Palfrader <> Architecture: i386 Version: Depends: libc6 (>= 2.3.5-1), libevent1 (>= 1.1a), libssl0.9.8, zlib1g (>= 1:1.2.1), adduser, tsocks Recommends: privoxy, socat Suggests: mixmaster, mixminion, anon-proxy Filename: pool/main/t/tor/tor_0.1.0.15-1.0.1_i386.deb Size: 546518 MD5sum: 4c4ad6d8a821bc88e0946d0aae37eb47 Description: anonymizing overlay network for TCP Tor is a connection-based low-latency anonymous communication system which addresses many flaws in the original onion routing design. . In brief, Onion Routing is a connection-oriented anonymizing communication service. Users choose a source-routed path through a set of nodes, and negotiate a "virtual circuit" through the network, in which each node knows its predecessor and successor, but no others. Traffic flowing down the circuit is unwrapped by a symmetric key at each node, which reveals the downstream node. . Basically Tor provides a distributed network of servers ("onion routers"). Users bounce their tcp streams (web traffic, ftp, ssh, etc) around the routers, and recipients, observers, and even the routers themselves have difficulty tracking the source of the stream. . Note that Tor does no protocol cleaning. That means there is a danger that application protocols and associated programs can be induced to reveal information about the initiator. Tor depends on Privoxy and similar protocol cleaners to solve this problem. . Client applications can use the Tor network by connecting to the local onion proxy. If the application itself does not come with socks support you can use a socks client such as tsocks. Some web browsers like mozilla and web proxies like privoxy come with socks support, so you don't need an extra socks client if you want to use Tor with them. . This package enables only the onion proxy by default, but it can be configured as a relay (server) node. . Remember that this is development code -- don't rely on the current Tor network if you really need strong anonymity. . The latest information can be found at, or on the mailing lists, archived at or Tag: interface::daemon, made-of::lang:c, role::sw:client, role::sw:server, security::cryptography, use::proxying