Installer et configurer WINE pour Debian

si tu veux qu’elle se monte au départ et que tout le monde y accède, c’est users,umask=0.

Dans quel fichier se trouve la config?

Euh, dans/etc/fstabdis-je timidement ?? :blush:

merci Korben.

voui voui c’est bien /etc/fstab je confirme :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Désolé. Je suis allé un peu vite :blush:

[quote=“MattOTop”]Désolé. Je suis allé un peu vite :blush:[/quote]Tu es pardonné :laughing: :laughing:

N’empêche que j’ai hésité à répondre :slightly_smiling:

Bon, ce que j’ai récupèré sur le CVS cedega a fini par compiler.
Voilà donc une première version de paquet winex créé à partir du cvs cedega, mais je ne sais pas trop quelle fork j’ai pris, et je n’ai rien testé (et je n’aurais pas le temps avant demain AM).
En plus, je l’ai créé sur mon ubuntu, donc c’est du SUPER test.
Je rappelle l’adresse de mon dépot, pour les casse cou:
deb binary/
PS: je vous donnerais la méthode que j’ai utilisée demain, j’ai tout fait au feeling (c’est d’ailleurs pour ca que c’est un peu flou). :confused:
PPS: je n’ai pas encore lu les licenses, donc je le retirerais peut être sans prévenir en cas d’incompatibilité.
PPPS:demain, je compilerais une version plus propre sur debian.

Ca y est. Wine fonctionne, j’ai pu installer et jouer à Starcraft. Mais il reste quelques soucis :
_Le son est horrible, genre qualité radio trés faible. Pourtant le driver alsa pour wine est activé.
_La résolution vidéo est pas top, apparement 800*600, et il se lance directe en plein écran.
_Lorsqu’il se lance, c’est le trou noir à l’affichage, oblilgé de passer par des trucs du genre ctrl alt - puis + pour réafficher l’application.

Wouhou. :laughing:
C’est bon. J’ai réussi à installer Warcraft III, et ça marche, sauf que… c’est étrange, mais en mode campagne, impossible de trouver le bouton « start ». :open_mouth:

Pour starcraft, en fait le son est généralement défectueux sur wine, mais sur Warcraft3, ça va.

J’ai pu y jouer quand même sous Battlenet, sans passer par un programme cracké.
Donc, je pense en faire un tuto bientôt. Si ça pouvait marcher en mode campagne, ce serait mieux tout de même.

tu as été voir dans la base de données de Wine??

en général, les problèmes que tu rencontres ont déjà été rencontrés par d’autres avant toi et ont une solution (en général je dis bien):

[quote]Running Warcraft 3 under Wine

by Jesse Allen
the3dfxdude at gmail com

Additional input from:
Ben Klein

Last updated 2005-11-20

Hi! Here’s a HOWTO to run the popular game, Warcraft III with wine. You’ll find that this doesn’t give exact step-by-step instructions. One reason is that there aren’t that many steps. Second is there are so many ways on doing it and too many different scenarios. I will present this by trying to educate you on the common issues before getting to the point of installing and running the game and hopefully this is done in a streamlined manner. Once you know the basics, you can just go at it. You should have some knowledge on running wine and linux in general.

Reporting Problems

Since encountering problems is common, first check the troubleshooting section below to see if there is an easy fix. If you run into an issue that you cannot easily solve, or something goes contrary to the steps described in the HOWTO, I would like to hear about it. The best thing to do is to email the wine-users group, and CC me. Also, mailing wine-users may grab the attention of other helpful people out there. It is definately a good idea to report your Wine version, Linux kernel version, and distribution version. If you post here, know this message board is really inconvienant to have any lengthy discussion.

Wine+Warcraft 3 status


The recommended minimum version of Wine is 20050830 or later.

It’s not recommended to use these versions of software:

* Linux vanilla x86 kernel: 2.6.9, 2.6.10
* Linux vanilla x86-64 kernel: 2.6.9-2.6.14
* GCC 4.0 for building Wine (later than 4.0 need to be tested)

NOTE: x86-64 is still affected by ptracing bugs in 2.6.14 that cripple copy protection support. 2.6.14-mm2 or later has the patch and may be merged into 2.6.15.

As of Wine-20050830

  1. quartz: In-game movies do not play.
  2. msvcrt: Single player profiles are not managed properly – missing single player buttons.
  3. imm32: Internationalized text probably doesn’t work.
  4. dsound/mmtimer: Buffer under-runs may lead to a crash or lockup.
  5. EAX as a sound provider does not work.


Everything works except in game movies. Single player missions can be played with a simple fix to bug 2075.


OpenGL supported card with direct rendering enabled, and correctly enabled OpenGL Wine build.

Correct device node access to your audio, video, and cdrom.
ie: /dev/sound/dsp, /dev/dri/card0, /dev/hdc


Winecfg is the utility to configure your wine install. You run it by executing winecfg. Take a look at it if you are not familiar. You don’t usually need to configure anything if your wine install is already set up. However, you need to know a few required settings for Warcraft III. Your wine “windows” version must be set to any NT version. Do not use any 9x version or older. You can set up an app specific setting if you need to. You also need an entry in the drives tab for your cdrom drive. You must make sure your cdrom entry is of type CD-ROM not Hard Disk, or you won’t be able to run the game.

D3D8 and OpenGL

Warcraft III comes with two graphical modes: D3D and OpenGL. OpenGL is nearly perfect thankfully! It is recommended you use OpenGL mode. To run Warcraft III in OpenGL, use the ‘-opengl’ command line switch. Any other way the game is run, you’ll be using D3D8. Wine supports Direct 3D version 8, and is rapidly improving. Since the game has two graphics modes, this may be a great way to compare and find bugs. If you find any issues, I recommend you file a bug report, because the more you test D3D and report, the faster it will improve.

D3D Notes

  • When you cast a spell it doesn’t show you how long that spell is out of use for.
  • D3D mode spits out a lot of fixme:d3d_surface. This does not appear to cause problems.
  • The cursor is always a cross-hair.

Copy Protection & CD-ROM Access

Warcraft III uses SecuRom protection. As of May or June 2003, Wine was patched – how, I don’t exactly know – to allow SecuRom games like Warcraft III to work. The requirements for correct functionality follows:

  1. Use wine version 20050830 or newer.
  2. Setting the Wine version to an “NT” version or autodetect.
  3. Have correct read access to your cdrom device node.
  4. Do NOT use linux kernel 2.6.9 or 2.6.10 under x86 and 2.6.9-2.6.14 under x86-64.
  5. Do not use a Wine build compiled with GCC 4.0

Ways of bypassing the copy protection

If it ever happens that the game prompts you for the disc and you cannot find the solution you can still get a war3.exe fixed to bypass the garbage. Ever since Wine has been fixed to allow SecuRom to work, I’ve never had to do this. Frankly, I don’t like obtaining binary code from unknown sources. If you like to try it, here’s how I used to do it. The instructions are are largely the same as I originally wrote them. I haven’t tested it in a long time but it should still work. Don’t use loaders with this method – it’s not needed and they don’t work in Wine anyways.

  1. Download a NoCD patch for Warcraft 3. Use a fixed exe.
  2. Make sure Warcraft 3 is officially up to date with the same version number of the fixed exe file.
  3. In an open console, cd to the directory you installed Warcraft 3 into.
  4. Rename War3.exe to War3_original.exe, and Worldedit.exe to
  5. Extract the NoCD patch, and place the fixed exe files in the War3 directory.
  6. Rename the NoCD exe’s to War3_nocd.exe and Worldedit_nocd.exe.
  7. Set a symbolic link called “War3.exe” to link to “War3_nocd.exe”, and another symbolic link called “Worldedit.exe” to link to "Worldedit_nocd.exe"
    Ex: “ln -s War3_nocd.exe War3.exe”

Playing on

When using a hacked exe, there is a special scenario where you may make a bash script that will fool the remote exe check enabling online play. Here is what I have used. This would be, for example, in the game folder called, “set_links”

cat > set_links << EOF
cd ~/c/War3
rm War3.exe
ln -s War3_original.exe War3.exe
sleep 6
rm War3.exe
ln -s War3_nocd.exe War3.exe
chmod +x set_links

I open the game to the main menu where you can connect to Before connecting, I switch to a console, like tty1 “ctrl-alt-f1”, run the command, and immediately switch back “alt-f7” to connect within 6 seconds. It sets the link to the original exe so when the game check its size, it sees it as it should, then changes it back. If it doesn’t pass the exe check within 6 seconds (from realm lag or something) it will fail.

I got this idea from someone who said for Diablo 2, to copy the original exe over the no cd when connecting to This, unfortunately, can crash the game, because the physical code locations change due to differences between the nocd and original exe’s. I brainstormed the idea to use symbolic links, with the idea that wine would keep the nocd and original exe’s physical code seperate if they actually have different – and still valid – inodes. The game will only see the game as the simply as the original game file “war3.exe”, because not only does it not know about symbolic links, wine will work with them both ways.

You might be able to make a script to set the symbolic link to the nocd exe, run the game, sleep about 20 seconds, then set the symbolic link to the original exe after the game is running, and leave it like that. I’m not sure how safe it is though. Whatever the method you choose, it is up to you, as the idea of using symlinks is enough, you may choose the best way.

Installing the Game

When installing the game, everything should run in the typical manner. If you are going to use a NoCD patch, patch the game up to the official version you wish to use, then apply the corresponding NoCD patch. When patching the game later, if you use any NoCD patch, restore the original program executables first.

It is sometimes better to download the game patches from Blizzard’s website first. Simply run the patch when you do so. When the patch is complete, it has a habit of running the game, in Direct3D mode as well. So you should close and start it again using opengl.

Game Cinematics

After installing, it’s highly recommended that you rename the movies folder found in the game’s install directory. The game has cinematics that are supposed to play when the game loads, and when you start certain missions. But the movies cannot play in under wine at the moment. You can still play the movies under mplayer (or xine if you so choose)! TutorialIn.mpq is the very first cinematic of the game, then for the rest of them: *Op.mpq is the cinematic at the start of the campaign and *Ed.mpq is the cinematic and the end.

If you do encounter a black screen where a movie is supposed to play, try hitting escape, else, once again, you need to move the movies folder.

Running and Playing the game

To run the game, the command is
$ wine “Warcraft III.exe” -opengl
while in the game folder.

To play single player campaign missions, you absolutely must find a way to resolve bug 2075. See below.

If you move the cursor out of the screen when using Desktop in Wine’s config and back again, sometimes it stays as the scrolling cursor and not the pointer cursor. Hovering the mouse over a unit or building makes it change the cursor again and you have normal play. This appears to be an oversight in the game itself and not a bug in Wine. Using mouse grab or full screen mode should bypass this problem.

Troubleshooting Problems

  1. The single player campaign buttons are missing.
    Cause: Bug 2075.
    Solution 1: See bug 2075 and try the patches there.
    Solution 2: Use native a msvcrt.dll from NT.
  2. Running the game asks “Please insert disc” when the disc is in the drive.
    Cause: The game wants to see the disc in the drive, and it does not.
    Solution: See copy protection section.
  3. The game hangs with black screen upon start-up or during missions. Sometimes hitting escape doesn’t either.
    Cause: The game is trying to play a cinematic. This doesn’t work at all.
    Solution: Rename the movies folder inside the program folder.
  4. The sound is choppy or the game hangs while playing!!
    Cause: Dsound buffer under-runs.
    Solution 1: Try other audio device drivers in winecfg.
    Solution 2: Turn off the sound in game – CTRL-S. =([/quote]

[quote]The purpose of this section is to report my success and verify functionality of Warcraft 3 using the last tested version. It was tested from scratch using a new user. Hopefully this section provides enough information so that others may duplicate successfully.
Environment: Slackware-current (20050905), Kernel 2.6.13, Wine-20050905
Dependent library packages: glibc-2.3.5-i486-4, cxxlibs-5.0.6-i486-1, x11-6.8.2-i486-1 (modified)
Dev packages: kernel-headers-, x11-devel-6.8.2-i386-1, gcc-3.3.6-i486-1 and the others…

  1. As root, created user “wine”. Initial group users, plus audio, video, cdrom, kmem. This gives me access to /dev/dri/card0, /dev/sound/dsp, /dev/hdc (cdrom), and /dev/mem (for DGA supposably). You must check out permissions and device nodes yourself.
  2. After logging in as “wine”, created a clean wine profile wineprefixcreate (There are other ways)
  3. Executed winecfg. In the drives tab, clicked auto detect. Applied changes.
  4. Executed install.exe off of cdrom. Followed normal install procedures. Don’t register or don’t create desktop shortcut. Don’t run game from installer – closed installer.
  5. In Warcraft III program folder, move the movies folder to different name.
  6. wine “Warcraft III.exe” -opengl
  7. Tested OK.[/quote]

qui sais, tu deviendras peut-etre à ton tour un “application maintainer” avec ton experience :smiley:

et pour StarCraft:


Merci pour les liens Ghost.
Les boutons de la campagne solo n’apparaissent pas à cause d’un bug lors de la création du profil, une incompatibilité entre glibc6 et msvcrt. Ils indiquent bien un "patch’, à cette adresse :
mais hormis quelques lignes de codes, je ne vois pas vraiment où se trouve ce patch, et encore moins comment l’appliquer. :question:

l’obtention et l’application d’un patch ne sont pas trés difficile à comprendre:
le patch est produit à l’aide de diff, qui fourni une séquence de modif a effectuer sur l’original pour obtenir la version patchée. Genre:
diff -u -d <version modifiée> >patch
Aprés, et c’est là que j’ai un trou de mêmoire, je sais qu’on peut appliquer le patch (avec ed ?), en utilisant le patch comme entrée standard se l’editeur, et en l’executant sur un original.
pour obtenir la version modifiée, à partir de l’original et du patch:
ed <
ce qui complique aussi les choses, c’est que ce qu’on compare peut être aussi bien un fichier seul que toute une arborescence…
Malheureusement, si je me souviens bien du fonctionnement théorique, je suis loin de voir concrètement comment on fait.
Et aujourd’hui, je ne me sens pas spécialement en forme pour faire des tests… :wink:

[quote=“Damsss”]Merci pour les liens Ghost.
Les boutons de la campagne solo n’apparaissent pas à cause d’un bug lors de la création du profil, une incompatibilité entre glibc6 et msvcrt. Ils indiquent bien un "patch’, à cette adresse :
mais hormis quelques lignes de codes, je ne vois pas vraiment où se trouve ce patch, et encore moins comment l’appliquer. :question:[/quote]
Pour appliquer ton patch c’est quelque chose comme ça:

cd source_code
patch -p1 --dry-run <path-to-patch

(ou peut-être -p0)

Si ca semble bon tu recommence sans l’option “–dry-run” et le patch sera appliqué.
Après ya pu ka recompiler tes sources patchés.

Mais bon, je le fais pas souvent, alors jette un coup d’oeil à la man page de patch.[/quote]

Ca pas l’air simple en tout cas. :laughing:
Mais, on sort un peu trop du sujet là… merci quand même. On en reparle sur le post warcraft 3. :wink:

[quote=“Damsss”]Ca pas l’air simple en tout cas. :laughing:
Mais, on sort un peu trop du sujet là… merci quand même. On en reparle sur le post warcraft 3. :wink:[/quote]
Heu… Pourquoi on sort du sujet ? Si j’ai bien compris, une partie de ton problème est de savoir comment patcher des sources, non ?

Ah oui… c’est vrai, vu sous cet angle, le problème est de savoir comment patcher les sources de wine. :slightly_smiling:

Pour que le son soit impeccable, avec Starcraft et autres programmes,
activez les lignes HEL et HardwareAcceleration du fichier config de wine (~/.wine/config).
Ca doit donner quelquechose comme :

Maintenant, j’ai du son de bonne qualité, à Starcraft. Aucun soucis avec ce jeu d’ailleurs, il marche au poil (preuve de son excellent codage).

quote=« Damsss »
Maintenant, j’ai du son de bonne qualité, à Starcraft. Aucun soucis avec ce jeu d’ailleurs, il marche au poil (preuve de son excellent codage).[/quote]

et de celui de wine :wink:

winecfg est quand-meme plus cool :slightly_smiling:
toutes les options et informations sont reprises dedans, il n’y a qu’à cocher/selectionner :slightly_smiling:
mais bon, ca sera plus la prochaine release stable de debian pour toi :laughing:

A titre d’info: